Welcome to the RRL, competing manned aircraft under the visceral roar of rocket power.

What is the RRL

The Rocket Racing League is taking the excitement of NASCAR and Formula-1 Racing into the space age, linking the multibillion-entertainment market to the space and rocket arena.

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Limited Merchandise

The Rocket Racing League has a variety of merchandise available for select distribution to our younger fans. Hats and shirts are the most popular.

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Exhibition Events

Are you interested in seeing the Rocket Racers perform at your public or private event?  It can be done, in single or multiple rocket formation flight or exhibition-style racing.

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Technology Development

The Rocket Racing League is continuing to develop engine, airframe, avionics, broadcast and gaming technologies to create an immersive interactive  spectator experience.

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iPhone/iPad Games

In Rocket Racing League you take control of a fully customizable Rocket Racer® aircraft and test your skills in single-player Career mode or head-to-head against your friends via Bluetooth® or LAN-based Wi-Fi Multiplayer.

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Value to our Customers

  • 21st century sport
  • Wide category appeal
  • Affordable
  • Safe
  • Live and broadcast events
  • Heroes
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Hands-on
  • Merchandise
  • Customer reach for sponsors
  • Opportunity for teams
  • State of the art games