Rocket Racing is super cool. Think NASCAR or Formula One racing in the sky, using rocket-powered aircraft flown by Top Gun pilots and astronauts. It’s the closest thing to Star Wars Pod Racing here on Earth.

For the thousands of fans on-site, as well as millions at home, the Rocket Racing League® will transform 21st Century racing as we know it. To be held at venues across the country, RRL will feature multiple rocket races, from closed circuit to drag-style racing, pitting 2 to 10 Rocket Racer® aircraft roaring head-to-head for victory. The closed circuit format is planned to be a 4-lap, multiple elimination heat on a 5-mile Formula One-style Raceway-In-The-Sky™. The drag style race will feature two Rocket Racers soaring in tandem just 20 feet apart.

The future of RRL will include multiple airframes and propulsion systems to develop the X-Racers. Currently, RRL is using a Velocity airframe and a single-thrust liquid oxygen (LOX) and ethanol rocket engine developed by Armadillo Aerospace, led by John Carmack (Doom and Quake). Unlike a jet engine that burns oxygen from the atmosphere as its oxidizer, the X-Racer, flying at 300 mph, carries its own oxidizer in the form of liquid oxygen.

Rocket Racer® pilots, some of the best acrobatic, military and test pilots in the world, race their vehicles through an RRL-developed Raceway-In-The-Sky (RITS) – a custom Cockpit-based Augmented Reality System projected onto 3D helmet displays. Fans also see the racing action live and in real-time on large projection screens fed by the Ground-based Augmented Reality System. The millions of fans watching on televisions and PCs at home experience the thrill of Rocket Racing via unique remote and rocket-mounted cameras that give at-home fans the sensation of riding right alongside the famed Rocket Racing League pilots.

On the gaming front, RRL immerses fans in a new level of interactive gaming through an entire virtual racing league. RRL’s game approach is multi-platform, to attract casual/social players as well as seasoned multiplayer online gamers.