The Rocket Racer®

The Rocket Racer®, or X-Racer®, is the name of the rocket-powered aircraft being developed to compete in the Rocket Racing League. X-Racers are powered by a rocket engine that emits a long flame and a thunderous roar heard and felt for miles. The current Mark-II and Mark-III X-Racer designs fly at a speed up to 250 miles per hour.

X-Racer® Rocket Engine

Unlike a jet engine that burns oxygen from the atmosphere as its oxidizer, the X-Racer carries its own oxidizer in the form of liquid oxygen (LOX). The engines combine and burn this liquid oxygen with ethanol, producing in excess of 2,500 pounds of thrust emitting a bright, colored, 10-15 foot long flame and roar heard and felt for miles around.

X-Racer® Airframes

In developing the world’s first rocket powered racing plane, the Rocket Racing League chose a Velocity airframe to use in all demo flights and tests. Future Rocket Racing Teams and X-Racers are planned to employ a variety of purpose-built airframes.

Rocket Racing League Teams

Official team recruitment will commence as the production-level Rocket Racers near completion. Early candidate teams of the RRL franchise include Bridenstine Rocket Racing, Santa Fe Racing, Rocket Star Racing,, Team Extreme Rocket Racing, and Canada-based Beyond Gravity Rocket Racing.


Capable of accelerating from zero to full-throttle in a split second, the Rocket Racing League pilots are among the most highly trained and skilled pilots on the planet.  Under leadership of former F-18 test pilot Len Fox, RRL pilots typically possess backgrounds in aerobatics and/or military fighter jet domains.